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Yard Signs for Business Promotion: Why It's Your Best Bet

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Your business needs marketing. And what better way to promote your brand than through yard signs?

Digital marketing is all the hype these days. But traditional marketing methods such as yard signs for business marketing are here to stay.

Track down the ideal premises where you can place your business sign. But before you place your yard sign, you need to know your local laws.

Is it legal in your city and municipality to place a yard sign on public property? If it’s a private yard, then you need the permission of the property owner and may have to pay a fee. It all depends on the laws. So, check them out before taking the next step.

What is a Yard Sign?

When it comes to outdoor or out-of-home advertising, the industry is quite large. In fact, businesses in the US spend around $8.83bn on this advertising method. Needless to say, a yard sign is a popular form of outdoor advertising and marketing.

It’s usually a board placed at a strategic location. Also, it features the name, logo, and brand message to increase awareness.

Aside from business signs, political campaigns also use yard signs to promote a candidate.

political campaign ad

Why Yard Signs Are Useful for a Business

Do yard signs work for a business? Let’s explore the benefits of yard signs for business marketing.

Minimal Cost

What is your marketing budget?

The best marketing methods are the ones that deliver value at a low cost. This is what you can achieve with yard signs. These are affordable. So, you can get a sign designed and printed for a very small cost.

Also, these are easy to set up. You can place the sign at a reserved spot without much trouble.

Enhanced Visibility

The purpose of marketing campaigns is to make your brand known to target customers and capture their attention. With yard signs, you can raise awareness about your brand. Whenever people pass by, they would notice your business sign. As a result, they’d be intrigued to know more about you.

To further increase its efficacy, it’s best to place the lawn sign in high-traffic areas.

Reach Your Local Audience

Nothing works more like a charm for business marketing than a yard sign. It’s the perfect way to reach your ideal customers without breaking the bank.

And the best thing is you can reach your local audience with ease. Place the yard sign in a local neighborhood. You can also place it at a visible point near a busy road, parking place, or restaurant as long as you have permission. This way, you can introduce your brand to your targeted local audience.

crowd, local audience

Perfect Match to Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is the need of the hour. Complement this effective marketing method with yard signs to get even better results. Promote seasonal products or simply print the name and website of your business.

You can also greet people on special occasions such as new year, or Thanksgiving, while subtly promoting your brand.


The effective results combined with minimal cost make yard signs a great method for business marketing.

Choose a color theme that makes the sign visible, and use easy-to-understand fonts. Then increase brand visibility with a clear message and contact information. It’s a tried and tested method!

At inBox Printing, we can design durable and quality yard signs for your business. Whether you need a corrugated plastic yard sign or a permanent metal sign to fix outside your office, we are here for you!

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