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Why Order Custom T-Shirts in Bulk for Your Business Marketing

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Ordering custom t-shirts for marketing campaigns is a no-brainer. You can make a positive impression by gifting these personalized outfits with your brand’s name and logo to your existing or potential customers. And they will do free promotion for your business whenever they wear your brand’s tees.

But did you know you can maximize these benefits by ordering custom tshirts in bulk?

Before we discuss why you should order custom t-shirts in bulk, you need to remember the do’s and don’ts of custom promotional merchandise.

Make sure you choose a high-quality and comfortable-to-wear fabric. Next, the design shouldn’t be cluttered. Rather, the text and graphics should be clear and easy to understand. Also, the color theme should align with your brand’s colors.

Now are you ready to get the information that you came here for? Then let’s find out how bulk orders can benefit you:

Maintain Design and Color Consistencies

With this approach, you can eliminate the risk of design or color inconsistencies.

When you order custom tshirts for business in small batches, there’s a risk of color or fabric inconsistencies. What if you need more shirts and the printing company doesn’t have the t-shirts available with the same fabric quality?

By ordering in bulk, you can rest assured your entire batch of tees would look identical without the slightest of a difference.

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Enjoy Lower Rates on Bulk Orders

When you order bulk custom tshirts, it’s easier to get a good deal on pricing. Many t-shirt printing businesses offer discounts on big orders. So, you can negotiate the pricing to see if they offer special discounts.

Aside from bulk pricing, you can also save costs on shipping.

Maintain Marketing Collateral Stock

Custom t-shirts prove effective in promoting your business. You can make your customers happy and earn their trust by giving them branded comfortable t-shirts they can wear. And this helps with increasing your brand visibility.

You can give away this marketing collateral on different occasions – when you want to thank your customers, when it’s the anniversary of your business, or when you intend to launch a new marketing campaign.

To ensure you have enough product stock at hand for such events, the best bet is to place an order for custom tees in bulk.

t-shirt printing process, iron sublimation

Save Time on Placing T-Shirt Orders

You may think it takes only a few minutes to place an order for customized t-shirts. But the task usually takes much longer especially when you need a large number of items for your business needs.

You would need to specify the order size, designs for custom t-shirts, placement for these designs, color scheme, and other factors. Make sure you thoroughly recheck details before finalizing the order to ensure you got everything right. When done individually, this task takes long. But you can save plenty of time by deciding to book a bulk order.

For bulk orders, you can get on a phone call with the business or meet them in person. Then you can quickly communicate the specifications and discuss pricing. So, you won’t have to worry about running out of stock and spend so much time placing another order for marketing.

At inBox Printing and Tees, we offer full-service custom t-shirt printing for businesses. Get in touch to order custom tshirts in bulk for your business marketing needs.

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