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Creating Custom Promotional Products: The Do's and Don'ts

custom promotional products, printing branded clothing

Custom promotional products can boost brand visibility and help you capture attention. By displaying your brand logo and message, these items act as a constant reminder to potential customers that your brand exists in the market to solve their problems. So, when they need to make a buying decision, they would prefer to buy from you since they are already familiar with your brand.

These promotional items can offer you all types of benefits when done right. So, let’s take a look at the do’s and don’ts of promotional items for a business:

The Do’s of Designing Custom Marketing Clothing

A smart t-shirt design approach can help you portray a positive and lasting message. So, here’s how you can do it right:

1. Use High-Quality Images and Graphics

Whether you print your brand’s logo or another message, always use high-quality graphics. Opt for high-resolution images of 300 dpi or greater to ensure they don’t appear blurry.

Next, prefer adding vector images since you can scale them to any size without ruining the quality. Also, retain the original aspect ratio of images and don’t stretch them for the same reason.

2. Choose Colors and Fonts That Align with Your Brand

Be consistent with the choice of colors and fonts. Use colors that are associated with your brand. To define a suitable color palette for your brand, keep color psychology in mind. For instance, blue evokes feelings of trust while yellow conveys optimism.

Also, choose fonts that reflect your brand’s tone and voice. Ensure the content is clear and easy to read.

Black lives matter, custom t-shirt

3. Consider Suitable Design Placement

When it comes to the do’s and don’ts of promotional items, be careful with design placement on t-shirts.

Place it where it’s clearly visible and legible even from a distance. For this purpose, you can test different sizes and positions to find the perfect fit. However, the design shouldn’t interfere with the functionality of clothing.

You can print a mockup and get feedback from target customers before printing promotional clothing in bulk.

The Don’ts of Custom Marketing Items

Ready to print a new batch of custom company promotional items? Then here are a few things you should avoid during the process.

1. Don’t Clutter the Design

It’s a misconception that the more content you add to custom clothing, the more it’ll benefit your business. But the opposite is true.

Instead, you should stick with the essentials and include the important information. Whether you choose your logo or tagline, it should truly represent your brand. Then pay attention to its readability and make the most of white spaces to draw attention.

2. Don’t Use Illegible Text

It’s never a good practice to use fonts that are too decorative to read. Keep it simple and don’t confuse potential customers with difficult-to-read text.

Also, use suitable colors that enhance the visibility of your brand text. You can choose a good combination of contrasting shades to achieve this goal.

t-shirt for nurses, tribute to healthcare workers

3. Don’t Ignore Material Quality

You may be tempted to save costs by choosing low-quality fabric. But this cost-cutting approach can end up ruining your brand reputation.

Choose a material that is durable and comfortable to wear. Then your target audience will remember your brand positively. Similarly, offer custom t-shirts in a range of sizes to best accommodate people.

Designing custom promotional products can help your business in many ways. So, get quality fabric and prioritize readability and placement of brand logo and message to make a positive impact. Message inBox Printing at 618-531-5292 to place your order.

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