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In-Person Voting: How to Stay Safe

Every four years, we choose our president. It’s the time we proudly wear an “I Voted” sticker to show we take our responsibility as a US citizen seriously, and vote for our favorite candidate.

But this time around, things aren’t the same. We're fighting a pandemic and as a sensible nation, we should take the situation more seriously. After all, we've already lost over 230,000 valuable lives to this deadly COVID-19 virus.

Let’s show the world this crisis won’t dampen our spirits. Visit your nearest polling place, but don’t forget the following precautionary measures for your own safety, as well as the well-being of others around you:

Social Distancing

When waiting in the voter’s line, maintain a 6-feet distance from others. So, even if an infected yet asymptomatic patient is there to cast their vote, you’d be less likely to catch the virus.

A Face Mask Is A Must

Despite being months into the pandemic, people are still fighting over why or why not to wear a facemask. But it has been made mandatory due to the plethora of benefits it offers. Not only does it significantly reduce the risk of you catching the disease, but also prevents you from spreading the virus to others. Doesn’t this convince you to wear a mask whenever you leave your house?

You don’t need to wear those boring facemasks anymore. Get yourself some fun and attractive facemasks to make a fashion statement. Or if you own a business, order custom masks to promote your business while voting? (shameless plug :-))

Hand Sanitizer Is Important

It’s still an on-going debate whether or not using disposable gloves is a good idea. They can be good if you are careful, but gloves usually cause cross-contamination. You may touch your face when wearing gloves after touching surfaces contaminated with germs. As a result, you unknowingly become a spreader.

The best way to keep things under control is keeping a hand sanitizer with you when to go to cast your vote. Sanitizing your hands after touching door handles, screens, and other surfaces can keep you safe.


The government should provide sanitized facilities and equipment to ensure people can vote without worrying about their safety, but we shouldn’t ignore our responsibilities either. You ought to take precautions to be on the safe side.

With unwanted changes in the ballot mailing process, and a lack of seriousness by the government about the critical issue of coronavirus, it's time to bring a positive change with the power of our vote. So, go out there and do it, but don't forget these precautions.

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