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How Remembering Black History Opens Doors to Progress

It’s absolutely true that African American history represents American history. From politics to sports, music, science, and literature, countless influential African American leaders made lasting contributions in their fields. Basketball wouldn't be much fun without LeBron James and Michael Jordan, and the music world would be lost without Beyonce and the late great, Prince.

As February approaches every year, you may notice your Facebook wall full of posts about African American history and culture. Do you wonder why Black History Month is still celebrated with so much zeal and zest? Let’s explore the reasons together.

Promote Social Equity

We’re one of the most developed and advanced nations, but don’t you feel bad at the racial discrimination, brutality, and injustice our brothers and sisters face every day?

From police brutality to unequal pay, and racial discrimination, people of color struggle with a myriad of challenges.

African American History Month is a reminder that we’re far behind in our goal to become the best nation across the globe. It gives everyone a chance to reflect on their behavior and put in the effort to ensure equality for everyone.

Learn From Your Mistakes

On New Year's Eve, do you reflect on your actions and set goals to make your next year better than the previous one? Many of us do.

The month of February and New Year's Eve are quite similar in a sense. As a nation, we can reflect on the challenges our great African American people faced throughout history and make a collaborative effort to improve the situation.

Remember the Forgotten

Did you know Shirley Chisholm was the first female African American Congress member? Do you remember Jesse Owens, who broke several records in the Olympics? What about Gwendolyn Brooks, who went on to become the First Black Pulitzer-winning author?

If not for this month of remembrance, we might end up forgetting many of our heroes. Let’s make the most of this time to learn about our history and remember the lesser-known heroes that changed the world for the better.

Grow as a Society

African American History Month isn’t for any specific race or political group. It’s an opportunity for society to understand the crucial role of the amazing African American people in shaping the country.

It’s a chance for all of us to join hands and raise a voice against the atrocities against people based on their color, religion, gender, and whatnot. We can progress only through unity and social equity.

We have come so far since the end of slavery in the US, but not everything has changed since then. Social injustice is still prevalent and hindering the growth and progress of our beloved country.

This African American History Month, let’s come together to understand the essence of this month. We need to accept the problems and come up with solutions in the light of previous experiences.

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