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Elections: Are You Ready to Vote?

Elections are around the corner and Democrats and Republicans are trying their best to win the next elections. Do you want the candidate you admire to win? Then it’s time we join hands as a nation and change the fate of our beloved country by making our voice count.

Do you feel that elections are just a scam and your single vote can’t make a difference? Then it’s time you should expand your horizons and learn why it’s important for everyone to cast a vote.

Why Your Vote Is Important

Social injustice is a prevalent issue in our society. You may get depressed when you are a part of a minority group that faces racism on a daily basis. Remember that your future is in your hands. By supporting a candidate you believe can change the unjust culture, you can play your role in making this world a better place.

COVID’19 has led to a global crisis. But unfortunately, we are leading in terms of the highest number of deaths. Do you feel that the White House needs a visionary team that can take a proactive approach in this crisis? Do you think we need a government that can unite us instead of creating a wedge? Then voting is the only way to build a better future.

The United States is a superpower. But more importantly, we should aim to become a country that looks out for others, helps those in need, and develops healthy relationships with every country. You can make this dream come true with the power of your vote.

To Vote or Not to Vote!

2016 elections noticed a slight increase in the turnout rate as compared to previous elections when around 61.4% of citizens cast a vote in the Presidential election. Were you busy at that time and decided to let go of your chance to support a sincere and honest candidate? Then learn from your mistake and don’t forget to vote by mail or in-person this time.

For centuries, voting has changed the course of history in America. Not many people know that the poor had no right to vote until 1964. But when our ancestors got united, they passed the 24th amendment, making sure no one is too poor to vote.

After general elections we see many of our friends complaining about voting results. You don’t have the right to complain if you didn’t find it important to cast your vote. The right to voting is a blessing and it’s our responsibility to respect it.

The African American community suffered at the hands of racial discrimination for a long time and had no right to vote or represent the community. They didn’t have access to the basic necessities of life even when slavery came to an end after the Civil War. It was after immense struggle that the Black community and other minorities gained the right to share their opinions. This is why it is more important than ever to vote during the upcoming elections.

We have the best democracy now. This gives us the power to choose a candidate that can actually make this country great. This year, make the most of this privilege and vote for the candidate you support.

Go vote to make a better future for America!

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