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Dear Frontline Soldiers Fighting Coronavirus... We Salute You!

Updated: May 8, 2020

Picture this:

It's the last week of December 2019. Christmas festivities are in full swing and you are having a great time with family and close friends. You’re planning to do something big next year and thinking of New Year’s resolutions to achieve your dreams. Maybe you want to travel to your dream destination or finalize honeymoon plans with your spouse-to-be.

Ah! The good old days!

At that time, who knew that 2020 would change the world forever? In mid-January, the first case of coronavirus was identified in the country. By the beginning of May, we have already lost thousands of precious lives to novel coronavirus disease.

The coronavirus crisis isn’t easy to handle. Whether you are an essential business worker or staying at home to save lives, we know how you feel at these crucial times. But in this difficult situation, we can’t overlook the sacrifices of healthcare workers who are leading the battle against Covid-19.

“Dear Doctors, Nurses, Janitors, CNA’s, First Responders, Mortuary Staff, Postal Workers, Delivery People, Food Prep Folks, and all Essential Workers, we can’t thank you enough for your service amidst the coronavirus outbreak.”

Show Your Support for the Frontline Soldiers

Wearing hoodies and t-shirts with fun or inspirational imprints is a popular fashion statement these days. Many people, particularly enthusiastic youngsters, enjoy wearing outfits with a funny meme printed on the front. (We're sure you've come across people like that and may have tried the trend yourself).

But due to the grim situation around you, it is natural to feel saddened. So, to bring a smile to your face, we have launched some creative designs for our amazing customers.

Do you want to show support for medical staff, cleaning workers, and other frontline soldiers? We are sure you do! After all, we are the strong people of a great country that stands together.

We've decided to do our part and design t-shirts to uplift spirits. The t-shirt shows the message "We're on the front line because we care". This is a humble contribution from our side and you can become a part of our campaign by ordering a t-shirt for you, your loved ones, and the heroes you know and respect.

Apart from praying for them and taking precautions, we can’t do much. So, why not wear outfits with lovely messages for our medical workers and pay them an unforgettable tribute.

Stay Safe!

With non-essential businesses gradually opening up over the coming weeks, it’s time we all become more proactive in our fight against the pandemic. Follow social distancing whether you’re at work, doing weekly grocery shopping, or even at home. Also, it’s important to wash hands and avoid unnecessarily touching your face.

We have the perfect t-shirt for you to spread this message with others. Wear the shirt with a special message imprinted, “Stay Safe from the Rona”. Your small actions can save lives.

Coronavirus has badly affected the world and the challenging times can cause stress.But remember that we are here for you. No matter what, the InBox Printing and Tees team will always stand with you and strive to spread happiness.

Apart from the available designs, if you have a shirt idea that praises the frontline workers or reminds everybody to stay safe, feel free to let us know. We will design shirts for you with your custom designs. Call or text us at 618-531-5292 or chat with us online at

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