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COVID ’19: Why Black Folks Need to Get Vaccinated

It’s been over a year since the first COVID case was diagnosed in the US. The never-ending lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have taken a toll on everyone’s health. Don’t you miss hugging your elderly parents, having a blast at a bar with your friends, and enjoying family gatherings -- back in the day?

Thanks to the vaccine, we can now look forward to living normal routine lives free of this deadly disease. But despite the benefits of corona virus vaccines, a troublesome trend has been making it difficult for our country to reach the goal of vaccinating the entire population.

The statistics make it clear that people of color are more likely to experience the painful symptoms of this virus and the high death rate among African Americans is also evident. However, a majority of people are still hesitant in taking vaccine doses.

Coronavirus Vaccine Mistrust

It makes sense why African Americans are hesitant in trusting a medical procedure like this. After all, the distressing memories of the Tuskegee experiment are still fresh in our minds.

It was a horrible experiment against vulnerable Black people. Countless African Americans were promised to receive free medical care, but instead, they were manipulated in the name of medical care.

At least 600 Black men were misled into becoming part of a study. While they believed they were being treated for syphilis disease, the researchers actually made it extremely difficult for them to seek appropriate treatment, so that the scientists could study the effects. As a result, the participants continued suffering from its symptoms and died due to the lack of medical care.

There have been many similar examples throughout history that cause distrust among African Americans. The same goes for coronavirus vaccines.

However, it’s time we understand that these vaccines have nothing in common with the Tuskegee experiment. And even though racism isn't over, it is very much controlled enough to keep something like the Tuskegee Experiment from happening again. Black Lives Matter, Baby! This is a global pandemic and people around the globe are getting vaccinated. With proven trial results, and the early vaccinated population who are doing well, we have nothing to worry about!

Why COVID Vaccines Are Essential

Lockdowns suck! We know you agree! But what other option do we have if people don't get vaccinated?

The only way to get COVID-free is to take vaccination dose(s). It’ll reduce the risk of catching the deadly virus and we can gradually make our way back to a world where we need not worry about getting infected just by standing close to someone else.

Small businesses have greatly suffered during these testing times. Many people have lost their jobs and income sources due to the pandemic. If everyone chooses to get vaccinated, it won’t be long before businesses start safely opening again and employment opportunities increase.

So you see, there’s nothing wrong with getting vaccinated. It is the only way to build resistance against corona virus, and stay healthy.

African Americans have suffered a lot at the hands of the medical establishment, but times have changed. The COVID vaccines are trusted preventive medicines against the global epidemic and it’s a ray of sunshine for the hope of living a virus-free life.

So, learn more about its pros and cons, and then, I hope you will register for vaccination. It will prove to be essential in tackling this virus, and lead us to healthier lives. And I need to go to somebody's backyard barbecue this summer, real talk.

Written by Saniya K. Bobby Shelton (Editor)

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