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6 Thoughtful ways to show your Appreciation to Essential Workers

These are difficult times.

Stuck in our own homes, life seems to have come to a standstill. Maybe the only thing you did today was wash your hands every half hour and binge-watch Netflix. The boredom is real, ain't it?

Look at the brighter side! You can work comfortably from home, raid the fridge, and take random naps, while medical professionals, social workers, volunteers, police officers, journalists, and essential business employees are working on the front lines every day.

You can do your bit by simply staying at home, but a few kind gestures will be a win-win. Confused about how to go about it? We have a few suggestions:

1. Stay In, But Reach Out

Don’t let social distancing stop you! You can still stand by essential workers: send them a text, leave an encouraging voice mail or call them, to keep their spirits high.

You can send a small video clip sharing a personal message, or a cheerful song. Some handmade cards can be a kind touch, remember to sanitize thoroughly!

2. Send Little Gifts

Don’t restrict your gestures. Send small (sanitized) gifts their way to show you care. Emergency workers have the most hectic schedules of their entire careers right now, so food or self-care items, showing solidarity will be greatly appreciated.

You can put together a batch of cookies, a subscription to an online music or video streaming platform. A t-shirt with a positive and encouraging message is a dope choice! We have some suggestions you might like:

3. Make Strangers Smile

The mask hides your smile, not your gestures. Even a little “Thank You” goes a long way. Say it often, to grocery and essential store employees. Stand patiently in lines and let the aged go first, give some extra bucks to the Instacart or Walmart grocery delivery person. Be kind, there’s no better time than now!

4. Solidarity all the way!

You can reach out to a lot of people with a simple sign on your lawn! It can be handmade or custom-made, with eye-catching designs and a positive message. Something like this would definitely make that essential worker's day a little better. Maintain social distancing, yet show your warmth and love for your brave friends.

To chat with someone about customized signs, click the green Chat button on the bottom right of this page to open a chat.

5. Donate Generously

In situations like this, kind gestures count, but why not take it to a whole 'nutha level. You can help even more by donating a little something. Funds are needed to supply protective gear and medical essentials to hospitals, and food to folks in need. Your small donation can be a big blessing!

6. Take Your Own Initiative

Amidst the boredom, take your own fundraising initiative. Collaborate with a local NGO (non-governmental organization) or raise some funds to provide protective gear to the nearby hospital that's helping COVID patients. Sponsoring health check-ups or providing essential goods to those in need will go a long way. Let us all heal together!

What a time to be alive! All of us can get through this together, with a little more love, empathy, and cooperation. We will fight and see the end of this... Together.

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